Ellie 20 from England <3

Pro-Feminism,Pro-Choice, Pro- Equality, Pro-cats <3


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chai-mochi asked: uahh I'm so happy I found your tumblr (●´∀`●) You're so pretty!!! > u < and I really like your blog! ♡ I hope this didn't come across as creepy...(´・_・`)


not at all! O3O thank you so much!! have a magical day!!! <3

one-of-waking asked: Are you still married?


well, engaged to be, I refer to him as the husband all the damn time, because we said we loved each other after chatting on skype for three days, and then he moved 350 miles to come and be with me, bought us a home, and keeps us warm /safe/secure. on top of all that he still finds time for his dreams, so yeah, we are married on everything but paper….but we will be fixing that next July! <3 (there will be pics!!!!!!) Q^Q

oobre asked: What do you look like on a normal lazy day?


like a big steaming heap of shit ;D

(add credit if you know it <3 ) 

some of my fav donut goodness x

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